We perform services with a focus on heating systems and power plants. The services range from installation, structural fabrication, mechanical work, welding, piping and other construction solutions. Furthermore, we offer services in project management and project planning regarding construction, reconstruction, extension, inspections and investigations. Our structural work encompasses a wide range of steel construction. With a detailed emphasis on field measurements and fabrication, all projects are completed with precise execution. All our projects require strong project management to ensure that the projects are completed to the required standards, on time and within the allocated budget, thereby maximising returns. We focus on high quality which ensures our services will last in the most extreme environments.


The aim is to develop the business by establishing strong and long-term partnerships that grow in the same pace as the market. Our workers holds great skills in their fields and they have all the related certificates and permissions to carry out work on powerplants, paper mills and various other industries. They also have environmental, quality and safety certification and further certified according to the European standard. We have a balanced approach to the energy mix and understands the importance of protecting the environment whilst meeting energy requirements using technology for traditional fossil fuels and modern cleaner alternatives.


Our unique range of skills and experience, allows us to mobilise expertise to support complex and reliable solutions. Our approach provides our clients the assurance of finding the safest, most reliable and cost effective way forward. Examples of current partnerships are Andritz AB and Raumaster AB. We have the advantage of being able to offer a greater number of staff when contracting larger projects. Our entire staff fulfills high technical requirements.

Raumaster partner
Andritz partner