JMK Consulting offers services in a wide range – we perform work ranging from installation, structural fabrication, mechanical work, welding, piping and other construction solutions. Furthermore, we offer services in project management and project planning in the construction, reconstruction, extension, inspections and investigations – both offshore and onshore.

Construction Forging – In construction forgings, we can accomplish everything you need, whether it is a project to be carried out exactly according to plan or if it is a difficult problem you need solved in a short period of time. We can deliver to your high expectations and our welding staff has extensive experience and expertise which meets the industry’s requirements.

Constructions – We build, restructure and assemble all types of construction steel. If you need special structures in the metal forging tailored precisely to your needs, we are the partner for you. In the steel structures we have perform very diverse types of jobs, we have done the most and we always look forward to new challenges.

Pipelines – We weld and assemble piping from small to large dimensions and in most materials. With a constant focus on problem solving, we take on the repair and maintenance of nearly all that is made of metal.

Unique designs – All the constructions are carried out entirely by the client’s wishes. If you need a partner who can give you the insight, knowledge and the precision needed on the design solutions you can count on us.

The goal is that our work always meets the customers’ expectations.Our customers can thus ensure that the results meet the requirements and that the work is performed under certified forms.